Be Our Guests (Info for you!)

Posted by Ashley at 2:37 PM

Saturday, November 29, 2008

For our moms, dads, brothers, and grandparents:
Here, you'll find some helpful links for your week in Asheville:
Things to Do:
Click here for suggestions from Asheville's official tourism site.
Where to Eat:
Click here for suggestions from Asheville's official tourism site.
Places to Sleep:
Click here for suggestions from Ashevills' official tourism site.
Greybeard Vacation Realty: Dustin and I are using this office. They have daily and weekly cabin rentals, at lots of available prices. Cabins tend to fill up fairly quickly for Thanksgiving week, so don't wait.
Carolina Mornings: Another cabin rental place we liked.
1889 Whitegate Inn: We *loved* this B&B, but just couldn't swing the rates for a whole week.

For our extended families and friends:

Because we are limited by our schedules and income, Dustin and I are planning a very intimate elopement in Asheville, NC with our immediate families and grandparents. We would love to be able to afford a huge wedding with everyone and their kitchen sinks in attendance, but we are simply not able to afford that kind of a celebration (maybe one day!). We'd love to celebrate with you in a small way, though, so give us a call, send us an e-mail, and find us on Facebook. We'll cook dinner for you. Ashley makes a great bowl of pasta, and can pop open a bottle of wine like nobody's business.