Money. Damn.

Posted by Ashley at 12:30 AM

Friday, December 12, 2008

So apparently, weddings cost money. A LOT of money. Apparently, the average American wedding costs somewhere between $24 and $26K. And I thought staying under $10K was too expensive...

Obviously, since we've still got approximately 708 days until our wedding (not that I've got a timer set, or anything), we've got plenty of time to plan, and let the novelty of monogrammed champagne glasses wear off. This is a good thing. I love monograms.

On the day after our wedding, Dustin will have only been teaching for about 11 months (this is assuming he gets a job immediately after graduation). I'll be close to finishing my Masters thesis, and I may or may not be entering the workforce soon after. $10000 could pay our rent for a year. It could pay our car insurance, our grocery bills, our health insurance.

The question is, now, do we want to spend $10000 (and probably more) on a wedding ceremony and reception, or do we want to save it for our honeymoon and our student loans?

Right now, catering and photography looks like it will be the most expensive things (I'm excluding our honeymoon in our budgeting here). I'm refusing to skimp on our photographer. Other than marrying Dustin, the pictures are the most important thing to me. I'd originally wanted a plated, catered dinner, but now I"m considering ordering in pizza and beer and calling it a night.

Is there anyone who's had a fun, pretty wedding for $5K (or less!!)?


Anonymous said...

You even have an entire blod dedicated to your engagement!! How long have I been gone?!?!? LOL

Its all going to work out girlie! When my hubs and I got married, we did it soooo low key! I actually entered a contest to win a wedding, we came in 2nd place!! So close! Anyways, 2nd place got us a dinner for 25 at a nice restaurant, and voila... my reception was created! LOL

We couldn't afford a big party. Only the most important people to me attended our small ceremony in the church, and joined us for dinner after. It was perfect for us... My only regret is not having better pics! You are smart not to skimp there!

I actually, even rented my dress!! It was beautiful. I don't regret that at all. I would have nowhere to store a wedding gown.

Do whats going to be best for your FUTURE! Sometimes simple is best. I would definietly rather have either a nice honeymoon, no debt, or a downpayment for a house, instead of a gigantic party that will be over in 4 hours!

Do what best for you! If its worth it, go all out.. if not ELOPE!! LOL J/K!! =D

BTW... I am soooo happy for you!