It's 2009!

Posted by Ashley at 9:28 AM

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Which means we're getting married NEXT year! Please ignore that we still have 23 months left; "next year" sounds so much better. Not to be anticlimactic, but I probably won't start the serious planning until next January. My ideas are so fluid right now, it would be a bad idea to start serious planning--and paying deposits--too soon. I do, however, have a few things I want to get done this year. And thus, I give to you, my 2009 Wedding Resolutions:

  • ASAP: Work with AzurBadger for 8-bit Save the Dates (Work on less creative STD's for uptight family?)
  • Start looking at Wedding/Reception Venues; Make comparison chart w/ photos of venues
  • August-Dec/Jan: Book Venues
  • July-Dec (absolutely not later than December): Book Honeymoon; check site frequently for booking updates
  • Explore further photographer options; Make comparison chart
  • May-August: Meet, Interview, Review Portfolios of Photographers
  • October or November: Take Engagement Photos
  • Continue to improve living healthily
  • Continue to gather ideas and inspiration for smaller details