My New Favorite Thing

Posted by Ashley at 2:36 PM

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dustin and I went to Atlanta for a day trip yesterday, and we stopped by the Lenox Mall to go to the Apple store there (a total disappointment, btw). I went into Anthropologie for the first time, and be still my fluttering heart, it is now my favorite place *ever.* I can't afford a single item there, but I love their home decor stuff. The most amazing little drawer pulls, stoneware, adorable aprons, romantic and quirky bathroom things--I could spend hours fantasizing about the house Dustin and I will one day put together.

And then there's this thing:
A birdcage gazebo decorated with botanical prints and stacks upon stacks upon stacks of haphazardly stacked books. I am besotted.